Monday, February 18, 2008

I think she looks like me!

I am getting into my nesting period. The room can’t be clean enough and gets rearranged every other weekend, Kyle and I are painting next weekend and by Kyle and I; I mean Kyle. Not cause I am lazy, it just turns out that the fumes make for a great excuse. Baby shower preparations are well under way and we couldn’t be more thrilled that we only have about 12 more weeks.

Kaelen has been very active, which makes for many potty breaks and a sore rib or two. Kyle and I sit and watch my basketball of a stomach every night and are amazed at how much she moves and kicks and how we can tell which side she is on. Being pregnant is not always fun but the few things that are super cool make it all worthwhile.

Here we are at 28 ½ weeks and more then anxious. This weekend we loaded up my mom, Tiff and Fabby and went for our 3D ultrasound. We all cried like little girls when we saw her…even Daddy to be got a little misty. She is so precious she looked like a little sleepy angel.
It was a little creepy seeing all the other stuff in there but well worth it when we got to see her little face. It looks like she has my nose and cheeks and bottom lip, bummer for us we won’t know if she was blessed with her Daddy’s eyes for quite a while. It really doesn’t matter what or who she looks like at this point…we’re in love with our daughter and we haven’t even met her yet.