Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Family Fun

Yay for Veterans!!!! Kyle's friend, a.k.a Uncle Jimmy, was nice enough to use his Navy ID Card to get us all into Knott's this past weekend, which was a total blast!

I used to think only tourist took photos like this at theme parks and in my, I'm 15 and know everything, days I would make fun of these people!

I'm thinking the big rocks and pretty waterfall is better viewed from a far...

Typical, me and my self portrait shots...

The bests part about this Knott's adventure was 1. Fabby has never been on actual rollercoasters and 2. Kaelen actually went on a ride with us!! That's right, us, I spoke with the Doc at my last appointment and asked if I was ok to go on rides and he said yes! I went on EVERYTHING and felt just fine. Of course after being at the park ALL DAY I was a little tired and ready to put my feet up but who says prego people can't do flips and things!!!

Jimmy won her a puppy, how sweet is he!

Oh yeah, can't forget, thank you Grandma and Poppa for having Patri overnight and letting us be big kids for a little while!

Sunday was a good Mommy and Kaelen day! Daddy and Jimmy went golfing so it was girl time at the Jones house! We ate, we napped, we talked, we played. Perfect!

Kaelen took this one herself, which is totally fitting, seeing as how she is obsessed with shoes!!!

How cute is she with Daddy's glasses and her apples and oranges!


So October was a busy month for the whole, Patton-McCracken-Jones-Tay, family!!!

The month started with the best of all events, besides births and engagements, my Momma and Poppa finally made the damn thing official! Our family made it up the mountain to our favorite B&B for the perfect ceremony surrounded by friends and family. Kaelen and all the nieces and nephews absolutely loved the Manor and all it had to offer!

In true fall fashion we made our way to the Pumpkin Patch to take Kaelen for her first time ever and though it did not go as planned it was still an event for US and well worth all the tears. Halloween was a blast!!! Kaelen did so well with the Trick or Treating. Her costume was adorable, of course I wish I would have made her one instead of buying it but what we had planned would have been too cold so Party City had to do and naturally I added a few details. I did however make the costumes for Kyle and I, not to self…cheap costume out of a box makes for a super cute idea but need to rethink functionality for potty breaks!!!

On to the good stuff!!! Kaelen is 17 months and blows our minds everyday! She is talking up a storm. Uses her manors, both please and thank you. Has the occasional, almost 2 years old, fit which is quickly put in check and handled rather well if I do say so myself. She understands why she is put on time out and listens when we talk to her about it. She is starting to get used to the idea of going POTTY!!!! We talk about it quite often and she can even tell you if she’s going pee or poopie, and as soon as she done with her business she rushes to get a ‘new butt’ or sit on HER potty in the bathroom. We plan on starting the actual potty training in just a few weeks J She is starting to pay attention to the TV and absolutely loves Big Bird and Whales. She has an imagination and wants to tell us stories, she feeds herself and says sorry if she does something she knows she is not supposed to. We are truly blessed to have such a smart, understanding and well mannered little person! Just don’t turn your head too long…she’ll be in our pantry, your cupboards or your shoes in minutes!