Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm busy growing a baby!

I know I have been MIA for a little minute but you'll have to excuse me. It doesn't help that it's busy season in my world...

32 weeks…Jeeez that’s so long. I have been pregnant since August. Do you know how long ago August was. Roughly 32 weeks I’m sure but still it’s been forever. I don’t want to grow a baby anymore, and I still have about 8 weeks left. Unless of course you ask any random person in public, according to them I’m ready to pop. Seriously I don’t care if you’ve done it before or not, you should never make assumptions on how far along a pregnant person is. As if we don’t feel like a house already, I pretty much get told that I look like I'm about to explode I'm so huge and I still have 2 months to go. Believe me I don’t need any help realizing how big I’ve gotten. I am well aware I have a 20 lb. ball on my lap. Whoever said this pregnancy thing was amazing and beautiful is a loony.

Now that I’ve gotten my bitter, fat, pregnant person taken care of let’s look at the lighter side of growing a baby.

Kyle and I are so excited. We want to meet her so badly, these next weeks couldn’t go fast enough if he was Doc Brown and we owned the DeLorean. My little Daddy to be and I are going through all the emotions, we're excited and nervous and he’ll never say the word but I think he’s a little scared too, thankfully! I am so lucky to have him and all of his worries and big plans for our daughter. I just want her here, I can’t wait to be a mom and to have our family. Cheesy as it is…this is exactly what I’ve always wanted. Maybe things didn’t go exactly according to my plan but I think this might just be better!

On the other hand, we still have to have both of our baby showers and get the room ready for her. I can't wait to get her stuff all put together. I love presents even if they're not really for me. Kaelen needs put a few more pounds on so we’ll all just have to wait.

8 more weeks and I’ll be done growing a baby and you will all get to meet the cutest little girl there ever was, unless of course you were around in September of 1983.