Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Just before it rained on us...

We didn't feel a drop!
Our room was gorgeous, perfect, to say the least! Thank you Mom & Pops! Our view was breathtaking…and our tub rocked :) Sedona was gorgeous! Relaxing! Obviously it’s not the vacation hot spot but it was exactly what Kyle and I needed! We golfed and by we I mean…I drove the cart…we drove to the Grand Canyon…we drank wine…and we slept! Ahhhhh, sleep! Much needed, uninterrupted sleep!

From our Balcony...

All of it was great! Perfect even! But by the end of the trip I was itching to be with my baby! Kyle couldn’t drive that car fast enough on the way back. We got home Friday night and spent the rest of the weekend getting our life back in order and playing with Kaelen. She made her first trip to the beach and spent some much needed time with her Grandma and Poppa.

As of today…

Marriage is perfect, our daughter is perfect, our parents rock…We are a HAPPY FAMILY!!!

Kaelen's 1st Birthday

Fast forward a few hours …family and friends swarmed us to celebrate this wonderful little girl’s big day! Daddy cooked, with some help of course, Mommy helped open presents and EVERYONE enjoyed cake time!

Kaelen was so incredibly spoiled. Clothes galore, 6 bathing suits, ultra hip shoes, toys for days and LOVE she could drown in. We are so very blessed to be surrounded by such awesome friends and family!