Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's almost time!

Finally…This Friday I will be 38 weeks and little miss can come at any time! As much as I want her to be a May baby like her daddy I would be perfectly fine if she decided she was done hanging out in the belly. We are so anxious and excited! I’m not going to lie though; I am scared to death of labor! The delivery part doesn’t so much concern me…I figure if my little sister and millions of other women could do it, SO CAN I! Plus I have the best coach ever! Our birthing classes have done a great job of getting Kyle ready with what to expect and I couldn’t ask for a better person to have there to hold my hand through it all!

Kaelen Patri has got to be one of the most spoiled little girls ever! She already has more clothes then mommy which is totally not allowed but seeing that I have some LB’s to shed I’ll let her have it for now! We were lucky enough to get everything we needed at our showers! Our room is officially shared with all of her little things…all of which have their own place! With nesting in full force her crib is set up, her changing station organized with blankets, diapers, wipes and toys all in their baskets.

My drawers in the bathroom are now dedicated to baby soaps, washcloths and lotions; there is even a pink hooded towel on the back of our door. Her swing, bouncer and rocking chair are all ready to put our little one to sleep and her car seat will soon be put in the truck. Our bags are packed…we’re ready!

At least we think we are. I am so sure that every expectation will be thrown out the window as soon as she gets here. We talk about wanting her here everyday but I can't imagine what it will really feel like to hold my daughter and rock her to sleep and watch her daddy change her. I can't even explain how much I love this little girl already!

Unfortunately, my camera is being difficult so I can’t share my most recent pictures of the baby bump or our room, but I figured these will do for the time being! These are more from our amazing photographer friends that were taken about 5 weeks ago.

With any luck we won’t go past our due date and I will have new pictures of our baby girl to share in just a few weeks!