Thursday, December 11, 2008

Look what I can do...

We’re two days into Kaelen’s 7th month and she has already met two milestones. Yesterday she crawled, a real, up on her knees, using both arms, crawl! So much for it being some time away! She also, in the last 3 days, has decided that she wants to sit up like a big girl…all on her own, no support from Mommy or Daddy! Maybe it’s just me but this little girl is strong, I have always thought she was a strong baby but really she pulls herself to her feet every chance she gets and damn that she already has the muscles to move her toy basket at Grandma’s.

I am so excited and sad all at the same time! I can’t even explain the feeling I get when she does these new things. The smile on her face when she’s done exactly what she’s been trying to do for weeks melts me.

Because this is her favorite thing to do in her crib, besides sleep, we now have to move the mattress down!Here's my big girl, taking a big girl bath, with her cousie Doc. These two in the water together is hilarious!
Here it is...our little crawler

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy 1st Thanksgiving

Our first Turkey Day with our big baby girl was perfect! Surrounded by family and friends we have missed so much. We went out to Arizona to get some much needed time away. Kaelen sat at the dinner table surrounded by the people that lover her most and ate her very own (stage 2 baby food) Turkey and Rice dinner. We went around the table of 20 and shared what we are thankful for and let me just say that I would have to say first and foremost it’s family! I am in love with an amazing man and father and am the proudest mommy on earth. We have the best of friends and an abundance of love to relish in. To those that we did not get to see this Thanksgiving, we love you dearly and are so thankful to have you in our lives.
Everyone was amazed at how big our Kaelen Patri has gotten…including us! She was all over Grandma’s floor. She is really trying to get the sitting up thing down and is a pro at pulling herself up to her feet. Crawling is still in the future as she is quite content lunging across the floor on her tummy. A milestone I am so happy to share…Our little chatterbox finally said it! She said that word I have been waiting for…“Momma” Friday morning as she is playing with our faces while we try to wake up. She was getting frustrated because she couldn’t clime over my head and out it came. I instantly woke up to confirm what just happened with Kyle. She hasn’t said it since and I think I might have to wait a little while for it to be a frequent term but it made my whole weekend! This long weekend was the perfect time for a little family fun. Kyle spent as much time as possible riding with his friends in the desert and one day the baby and I joined him. Now most of you don’t know this but Kaelen used to go wild in my tummy when Daddy would race, the roar of 300+ bikes all starting at once would send her into a kicking frenzy…let’s just say it still happens. She’s not quite sure how she feels about the noise, on one hand it totally interests her and she follows it intently, but on the other…it scares that crap out of her and she screams and cries and it breaks my heart. I think we’ll have to take this whole joining Daddy in the desert slowly! (No I did not let her drink beer she's teething and loves the cold glass)

I hope you enjoy the pictures, we love sharing them!

Monday, November 10, 2008


She’s halfway there…halfway crawling, halfway sitting, halfway singing and halfway to a year! I can’t believe she is already 6 months old, it’s happened in a blink. Yet on the other hand I can’t remember life without her. Some friends of ours came over with their baby Kaleb, whom will be a month old this week, I can’t believe how big Kaelen is in comparison! She still seems so itty bitty to me, and at the same time I totally miss when she was that little… with little cries, little smiles and dammit little poops! J Where did the days go when she slept 20 hours and I got to recoup…

Kaelen is such a happy, talkative baby! She has mastered Dadadadadaaaaaa, which as you can imagine makes Kyle ecstatic! My only thoughts on that…she doesn’t know what she is saying or that this is what she will be calling Kyle for the rest of her life so I still have a chance at Momma being her first word…well maybe not, I think technically Daddaaaaaaa takes the ‘first word’ award. Darn!!!

This weekend Kyle went riding…I know you are probably reading this thinking, shit this kid always leaves for the weekend. Well, it does happen quite often but the poor guy is in doors all day everyday during the week taking care of his baby girl so he needs a little icky, dirty, boy time. Not to mention the weekends are all about Kaelen and I! Working all week long leaves little time for Mommy and Me moments so I look forward to the weekends…to doing nothing but feeding, changing, drooling and laughing with my babe. Any who, Kaelen and I went to see Mel and her family on Saturday while Daddy was away, we had some good old fashioned girl time at the mall where I got to spoil my Punkin a little. I bought her this amazing headband …She’s so dang hip!

Happy 6 months baby girl! Slow down, I’m not ready for you to be big!!!
P to the S
Thanks Auntie Mel and Nanna for the awesome pictures!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My lil Punkin!

Ok, so our super cute idea of dressing Kaelen up as a Bunny didn't work out cause Mommy and Daddy waited till the last minute and couldn't find her costume. So Sad. But we got her the Pea in the Pod stink'n cute! She wasn't so much liking it though (note to costume buyers...0-9 months in the costume world means SMALL) her poor little legs didn't have room to move and if you've spent even 5 minutes with our baby girl you would know she loves to kick and jump. We didn't take her trick or treating this year, as cute as it would have been she would have never known the difference and we were busy trying to get the house set up. We had a costume party at our house, it was the first time I didn't spend the night with my daughter which you will find out shortly kinda put a damper on the whole "yay no baby, lets do adult things."
This is what happens when there's one too many drinks and no baby...We had my company party on the 24th so I am all partied out for a while.

Kyle and I did have a blast and I knew that Kaelen was in great hands but still, there is noting like coming home to your baby!

She is so close to crawling it's scarey! Although Poppa says she just jumps on her face. I think it's just around the corner and then we're in serious trouble. She almost has the sitting up thing down too, I swear I am going to baby's getting big and there is nothing I can do about it!
Having a baby can make you boring in no time...I would much rather sit on my bed with Kaelen and Kyle and make funny noises

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Disney Halloween Time

So we took the babe to Disneyland this weekend. She did so great, there was so much for her to see and hear. Auntie Holly went with us and Grandma picked the little bittle up so we could have some adult time and enjoy dinner at Club 33 with no worries of bottles and baby food. I am well aware that she will not remember it and it was more for me then for her but I still think that she had fun looking around and being out of the house!

Monday, October 13, 2008

7 More Months and Kaelen's Considered a Toddler

Our baby girl is already 5 months old. We went this morning for her well baby check-up. She has not been to the doctors for any of her shots since birth so this was a big day for us. Kaelen got three shots...and felt every one! I cried too.The doctor says that she is in the 90th percent for height, 25th percent for weight (shocking cause she eats a ton) and her head is just where is needs to to my fam that says she has a big dome HAH! Oh, and we got drops prescribed for that eye that's been giving our baby girl such problems! Her stats are 26 inches long, 13.5 pounds and her big ol brain measures in at 41 cm.
This weekend was another girls weekend, Aunt Holly, Tia Misa and Da Momma had tons of fun taking precious pictures of our girl! There's a ton and I can't think of witty captions for all of them so here they are:

Check'n out the trees

Bounce Bounce Bounce
My Favorite!!!

Playing with cups on the Bed

Naked wathing football
Burrrr it's coldy

Listen to that Giggle!