Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And they're off

So it’s been about a 3 weeks since all of this took place but better late then never!
Kaelen made her first ever appearance at Daddy’s race! Much to my surprise the sound of hundreds of bikes starting up at once did not frighten her. There was so much for her to see that she was totally distracted and not phased. The weather on the other hand was crap, as it usually is in the high desert, so Kaelen had to spend the majority of her time in the truck and bundled up in a blanket.
Being that this was Kyle’s first race of the season I gathered the troops and we had the biggest “KPJ” cheerleading team ever. Fab, Holly, Marisa, Eliana, Lizzy, Allison, Murdoch, Dana and Austin all came out to show their support and cheer my soon to be Hubby on. We all rocked our handmade ‘KPJ’ shirts, hung out in the outdoors (froze our ass’ off), enjoyed an adult beverage and playing with the kids.
Overall it was a great race, no injuries or problems with the bike, lots of friends to spend the day with and most importantly Kaelen enjoyed it!