Monday, September 22, 2008

19 weeks of goodness!

Last weekend the fam all got together to celebrate Megan and I turning a year older. We all had a blast hang’n with the rents for dinner and drinks. Granma got the babe a new outfit for the occasion even, and me being the hopeful that I am, I thought I could get away with a bow…almost momma, almost. This past weekend Daddy had a race in good ol Barstow so it was just us girls. Which I must say I rather enjoy! We had our first encounter with the jumper and we took a bath in the tub like a big girl, which we’ll need some practice with…babies are slippery I tell you!4 months 1 week and 4 days is such a fun, fun age!!! She’s so mobile, she has total control of her head and if she has anything to do with it she’ll be walking in days. She doesn’t quite know what to do with her arms and ends up sliding across the floor on her nose all the while her butt is a good 6 inches in the air, we can’t get enough of it! Kaelen has also discovered she has lips. I am sure I have stated before that this baby drools more then a St. Bernard but now that she is aware of her mouth and the fun she can have with her spit I can’t keep a dry outfit on her to save my life. We are planning to make a trip out to AZ in a couple weeks so we can go see Grandma and Grandpa. It’s been far too long!!! Kyle spent the weekend with his parents at his race this weekend and brought Kaelen home the most adorable toy from Grandma! I think it’s her new favorite!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A first time for everything

This weekend proved to be rather eventful! Friday Kaelen got cereal for the first time at Grandma's...which was great, but damn her for doing it when I wasn't there :)

...oh well, I followed right behind and gave her cereal the rest of the weekend. She hasn't quite got it down yet but she's ready!

I guess grandma is pretty spoiled...Patri also got her first sink bath at her house. Kyle and I were there for that one though so I don't feel so bad! This little girl loves the water, she'll be swimming in no time!
Yesterday was a very busy day for Miss Kaelen, She met her 'Nanna' she would like to be called (Mellanie's Momma) and Mel's sister Amanda, while they were over she was also visted by Babb's and Molishka whom we miss so much!NO NAP ALL DAY, well maybe a half hour but poor baby needed more sleep, and so did the momma! We're all doing great. Kyle and I are having so much fun in this time of firsts , we're all learning and having a great time doing it doing it!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cook'n with Moore Stephens

On friday of last week Kyle and Kaelen came up to my office to have lunch with da momma. Moore Stephens often has BBQ's for lunch and being that Labor Day was Monday it was a perfect excuse to get away from our desks and spend some time outside. Anywho, there is nothing like seeing her face when all you want is to be at home playing. Needless to say there was a camera floating around and between passing her around we got some pretty good shots in.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Off to the Movies

Kaelen went to the movies for the second time in her whole life this weekend. She loves looking around at all the lights but more so I think she likes getting away with staying up a little late and falling asleep on momma’s chest.
Is this not the cutest hoodie you ever did see…

For those of you who don’t get to see her that often, take a look at what your ears are missing…

I know right, this girl is a squealer and she doesn’t quite know if it’s a happy squeal or not.
3 months 3weeks and 1 day is such a fun age!

Holy 3 Month Old Baby Batman!

As crazy as this sounds…I miss being pregnant. I miss feeling her in my tummy even. BUT! I want to wait till she is two before I do it all over again, so I will just have to wait and cherish every moment while she is still so little and dependent on the momma! Our baby girl is 3 months old today and I swear it happened in a blink of an eye. She’s growing so fast I wish I could just put it on pause and keep her the way she is for about a year. She is so fun, so alert and active. She has rolled over once, sucks on her hand constantly and drools more then any baby I’ve ever seen, and I LOVE HER! Kyle is staying at home with her for the time being while I am at work and I couldn't be more thirlled about it. I am well aware that I will have to put her in day care sooner or later but I am so happy that she is getting this time at home with her daddy, this time is priceless. I am jealous though! Kaelen with her favorite auntie (sorry my sisters), Holly Patri.
P to the S...This is a favorite fo sho!

Happy Birthday Cousin!

Kyle and I took a mini vacay for our nieces birthday, we went to Parker to see our family and friends we missed so much. Kaelen got to spend some much needed time with her Grandma, Aunt and Uncle, Couzys and Greats! At 12 weeks, we took her out on the river for her 3rd time and she loved it, she is going to be swimming early and totally into the river just like her Mommy and Daddy...less the beads and sandbars of course ! :)This one is a little random but...this is like the only picture (pathetic right) of the three of us.

And this one is just too cute for words, and yes she really is this perfect. She barely cries and sleeps often. Hahaaaa, we are lucky after all.

2 Months 2 Days

We had quite a busy day today! We took Daddy to apply for a job with the union. Little did we know that he would have to do some tests and work for 3 or 4 hours...not that is mattered too much, we had a blast dancing and singing in the truck. Britney Spears' has nothing on us We needed a good nap after getting up and driving to the 909 at 5 am! I am always up for a nap, and having her sleeping on me makes it all the better. She snores...she must get it from her Daddy, it is however the cutest little noise I ever did hear.