Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let's Play!!

Kaelen’s been having play dates left and right! Of course the best of all was her weekend with her cousin Brett! Finally! The girls met and instantly starting kiss’n and play’n. I must say that I think we scared poor Brett off, hope she comes back!!! I thought Kaelen was the quiet one, well at least out of the babes in CA. She’s so vocal…and by vocal I mean loud, it took being with sweet, quiet, totally content Brett to realize it. We enjoyed our time with our WI girls very much…we are however totally going to hold it against Greg if he doesn’t get his butt out here to meet us soon. Cousin Austin came over with Aunt (cousin) Dana to play for a couple hours and they had a blast! Austin is such a great boy, we wish we could see him more often! Kaelen had a day at the park with her Tia Misa and Eliana. Kyle has been out in AZ for the past week and a half helping his Dad build a house so in the meantime Marisa has been watching Kaelen while the Momma works. I love Marisa for helping me but damn her for getting to play all day with the girls.
Last but not least! For all the people in our world that say my baby girl is all Kyle…
Take that! I told you she looks like her Mommy!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ribbons and Bows

Ok, Ok so it’s taken a little longer then it should have! We have been busy with a mobile Nugget and getting our life back in order after the holidays! But finally…here it is

Just before Christmas Kaelen's GG Jodi and Great Aunt Kathy came by to see us, it was such a nice visit. Thank you so much for the outfits, we love them!
Kaelen’s first Christmas was just as it should have been! We spent the night at my Momma and Poppa’s and by ‘WE’ I mean all the Patton girls including their children and Baby Daddy’s. Meg came up from SanMenEgo to exchange presents and then be on her way up north. Of course the only thing that Kaelen really wanted to play with were the ribbons and bows on the packages and Momma did most of the opening but rest assure she enjoyed every piece of wrapping paper! We woke up Christmas morning and there it was, Kaelen’s new favorite thing…her walker! Let me tell you this girl loves this thing…it took a little warming up but now it’s a lifesaver for us and a whole new world for her. Reverse is by far her favorite thing to do. Auntie M got her some super cool drums with lights, Aunt Holly gave her some awesome toys and the little girl made out with ultra hip clothes all the way around. Kyle got to experience ‘Egg-N-Stuff’ for the first time and I think he’s hooked.

After breakfast and playing for a little while it was off to Arizona for Christmas with Grandma, Grandpa, GG and Poppa Tipton, and the rest of the fam. Again, she was spoiled. Grandma Jones got her, her other favorite thing. A table full of lights and buttons and songs to sing. Kaelen stands for hours (or minutes) on end at this thing. She is getting a little curious and trying to walk around it like she knows how already…this has resulted in her on her back or face first on the floor and a few tears but again she loves every minute of it. All in all, Christmas was perfect. Kaelen was spoiled beyond repair and is having a blast with her new found independence. We are having so much fun chasing her around and playing with her. She’s such a happy baby, we are truly blessed!
As for New Years…we’re getting old! I fell asleep putting Kaelen down and Kyle past out on the couch drinking wine by himself. We did wake up in time to watch the ball drop and smooch, then it was off to bed. We get our sleep when we can I tell you!
P.s. Kaelen says Momma non stop and I love it!

The End. Happy Christmas. Merry New Year.