Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Disney Halloween Time

So we took the babe to Disneyland this weekend. She did so great, there was so much for her to see and hear. Auntie Holly went with us and Grandma picked the little bittle up so we could have some adult time and enjoy dinner at Club 33 with no worries of bottles and baby food. I am well aware that she will not remember it and it was more for me then for her but I still think that she had fun looking around and being out of the house!

Monday, October 13, 2008

7 More Months and Kaelen's Considered a Toddler

Our baby girl is already 5 months old. We went this morning for her well baby check-up. She has not been to the doctors for any of her shots since birth so this was a big day for us. Kaelen got three shots...and felt every one! I cried too.The doctor says that she is in the 90th percent for height, 25th percent for weight (shocking cause she eats a ton) and her head is just where is needs to be...so to my fam that says she has a big dome HAH! Oh, and we got drops prescribed for that eye that's been giving our baby girl such problems! Her stats are 26 inches long, 13.5 pounds and her big ol brain measures in at 41 cm.
This weekend was another girls weekend, Aunt Holly, Tia Misa and Da Momma had tons of fun taking precious pictures of our girl! There's a ton and I can't think of witty captions for all of them so here they are:

Check'n out the trees

Bounce Bounce Bounce
My Favorite!!!

Playing with cups on the Bed

Naked wathing football
Burrrr it's coldy

Listen to that Giggle!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Almost 5 whole months

Our baby girl is almost 5 months already. Geeez, time flies! She’s getting so big! She is still drooling a heap and now that she knows she has a tongue its’ only increased. We can feel her top two teeth, one more then the other so I am thinking that the heartache of teething is rapidly approaching. She talks all day long and as much as I hate to admit it…I think ‘Dadda’ is just around the corner for her. She is so silly, she does this blood curdling squeal and she’s not quite sure when she means it seeing as how we hear it both when she is happy and mad. I think she might just take after her Momma and enjoy hearing herself talk. As for crawling…that could be a while, she is rather fond of scooting across the floor on her nose.

We finally made another trip out to Parker to see the in-laws. Kaelen and I love their carpet and spent most of our time hang’n there. She showed off her jumper skills and played with her cousins as much as she could. We visited her Auntie Jean at work and “Uncle Big John” gave her worlds cutest giraffe…I guess it pays to be the baby of the family. And last but not least…to keep the tradition going, Momma took some pictures of the babe with Daddy’s sweater on her head. I know it’s not a blanket and I’ll have to do that too, but she seemed to enjoy rolling around in her Daddy’s ginormous jacket! We have so much to look forward these next few months and as much as I would like to freeze time and keep her this size I am really looking forward to all the firsts we get to go through soon!