Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm just the oven...

According to my wonderful baby daddy I am just the oven... He's so sweet, right?

Kyle came down this weekend and got to see the baby bump...he's saying all the right things like I am beautiful and I'm pregnant, not fat...but somehow that does not make me feel any better and I still want to put him through hell cause he did this to me. And I am, poor thing. He's great though, puting up with me isn't easy. He goes to get me push ups at 11 and then goes again at 2 to get me jack in the he really helping me or just contributing to my fatness???

He's right, I am going to be as big as an oven.


Anonymous said...

you are kind of hard to put up with! lol

we all still Love you though...most of the time!!!

Morriah Solano said...

Hey thats how it goes and how many more months do you have. You'll be fine and you'll get you figure back. I love ya

Good Luck.