Thursday, December 11, 2008

Look what I can do...

We’re two days into Kaelen’s 7th month and she has already met two milestones. Yesterday she crawled, a real, up on her knees, using both arms, crawl! So much for it being some time away! She also, in the last 3 days, has decided that she wants to sit up like a big girl…all on her own, no support from Mommy or Daddy! Maybe it’s just me but this little girl is strong, I have always thought she was a strong baby but really she pulls herself to her feet every chance she gets and damn that she already has the muscles to move her toy basket at Grandma’s.

I am so excited and sad all at the same time! I can’t even explain the feeling I get when she does these new things. The smile on her face when she’s done exactly what she’s been trying to do for weeks melts me.

Because this is her favorite thing to do in her crib, besides sleep, we now have to move the mattress down!Here's my big girl, taking a big girl bath, with her cousie Doc. These two in the water together is hilarious!
Here it is...our little crawler

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