Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No more guessing

So most of you know now that we’re having a little girl! We are so excited. Kyle seems to think that she will be a Daddy’s girl but we’ll just have to see about that. She can be Daddy’s girl when she is at that fun age of 13 or 16 or any other year where she will drive me crazy. But until then I am bank’n on Mommy’s little princess. As of right now we have decided that her name is going to be Kaelen, unless something else comes along that I absolutely love of course. I am almost 21 weeks and I can’t wait for the next couple months to go by.

I was thinking that she might be a gymnast with all the cartwheels she’s been doing in my tummy…but just recently she’s taken up soccer. Though Kyle doesn’t get to feel it just yet he gets to hear about it, EVERYTIME she gets rowdy in there I make sure everyone around me knows. Sympathy dammit, ok… so it’s not so bad! It’s pretty much one of the coolest feelings when she kicks, for now anyways, I am sure I will be singing a different tune in a few months.

Now for the other good news…

Kyle decided to make an honest women of me, tough job huh. On the 15th with [almost] all of my immediate family present, Kyle got down on one knee and popped the question. Of course I said yes, what else could I say really. Just kidding. So we are thinking that we will plan the wedding for June of 2009…I know that means that we will have a bastard child but only for a little minute. She’ll never even realize it really, and this way she can be a part of our big day.

Baby showers, a baby, I’ll be a quarter century, wedding plans, what a busy new year we’re going to have! Can’t wait!


Big t Dawg said...

i cant believe it. wow, time has flew. hopefully the grandparents dont see this! or do they already know cuz you guys cant keep secrets? i miss you guys. sorry i missedthe phone call the day you were up here i was recovering. i hope you all had a great christmas's. i need to come visit soon.. which might be in the next couple days. so let me know some weekend plans. its eitehr come down or go to KMK so i dont know. depends on the driving. i need a tire. but all in all its ok. keep in touch, tyler.

Matthew & Molly Snelson of Mathieu Photography said...

Erica!! What exciting news!!! Matty and I are so excited for you! Merry (late) Christmas and cheers to a very happy new year! love you!

mel said...

I can't wait...and neither can my mom! As you can probably tell everytime we go out we find ourselves in the baby section!