Monday, November 10, 2008


She’s halfway there…halfway crawling, halfway sitting, halfway singing and halfway to a year! I can’t believe she is already 6 months old, it’s happened in a blink. Yet on the other hand I can’t remember life without her. Some friends of ours came over with their baby Kaleb, whom will be a month old this week, I can’t believe how big Kaelen is in comparison! She still seems so itty bitty to me, and at the same time I totally miss when she was that little… with little cries, little smiles and dammit little poops! J Where did the days go when she slept 20 hours and I got to recoup…

Kaelen is such a happy, talkative baby! She has mastered Dadadadadaaaaaa, which as you can imagine makes Kyle ecstatic! My only thoughts on that…she doesn’t know what she is saying or that this is what she will be calling Kyle for the rest of her life so I still have a chance at Momma being her first word…well maybe not, I think technically Daddaaaaaaa takes the ‘first word’ award. Darn!!!

This weekend Kyle went riding…I know you are probably reading this thinking, shit this kid always leaves for the weekend. Well, it does happen quite often but the poor guy is in doors all day everyday during the week taking care of his baby girl so he needs a little icky, dirty, boy time. Not to mention the weekends are all about Kaelen and I! Working all week long leaves little time for Mommy and Me moments so I look forward to the weekends…to doing nothing but feeding, changing, drooling and laughing with my babe. Any who, Kaelen and I went to see Mel and her family on Saturday while Daddy was away, we had some good old fashioned girl time at the mall where I got to spoil my Punkin a little. I bought her this amazing headband …She’s so dang hip!

Happy 6 months baby girl! Slow down, I’m not ready for you to be big!!!
P to the S
Thanks Auntie Mel and Nanna for the awesome pictures!

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