Tuesday, April 7, 2009

5 Long Days

As most of you know, Kyle has been putting in some hours in Arizona that past couple of months. Sure it's been hard on us without him home but I do enjoy being alone from time to time. Tuns out Kyle was not so much a fan of being away from us but mostly not so much a fan of being away from Kaelen. So he asked if I would mind leaving her out in Arizona for the week so he could get some quality Daddy Time in. Much to my dismay I agreed, after all it's not so much fair that I get to keep are all to myself all the time, but dammit since when did I care about being fair?! So I agreed, I would go a whole 5 nights without her and be all alone in my house...thank the baby Jesus I was busy planning weddings and starting health insurance policies last week. Of course I had my moments but all in all I did very good! Daddy on the otherhand, well I'll just let the pictures explain it all... Ok, so he did great. Even if my daughter spent the majority of her time trying to drink booze and chew on rocks, she did it with her Daddy! They had a great week together. Kaelen is picking up the word Nanna, much easier then grandma you know! She just adores her Grandpa and climbing all over him on the couch. She got some quality girl time with her cousin Chy and most importantly she still knew who I was when I woke her up on Saturday morning!
In other exciting news, Kaelen got a big girl car seat! She's barely 20 pounds when she's full but Mommy was eager and had nothing to do while at home all alone for a week, so an hour and half in Babies R Us and a 20 minute conversation with Daddy later and Kaelen had a new carseat. She love it, too! This last trip home was her very first where she was awake the entire time. She looked at everything, talked a heap, hated the sun in her eyes, and totally loved playing with her hup holder. Forward facing carseat = huge hitP to the S
Holy Crap! She's almost a year old already!!!!

If you've got a few mintues, check out this video...I promise I didn't teach her this :)

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Mellanie said...

holy heck...when did she get that big?! Erica...she's a big girl now and super adorable!