Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Family and Fireworks

Kaelen spent a little time each day on the boat with us, with the heat and the sun we didn’t want to overdo it, so Grandpa was nice enough to keep an eye on her while we played in the water. Thanks Pops! The 4th was great! We took Patri out to the sandbar and let her play in her car, she is such a water baby and she loves being in the boat. After spending the day floating from the dam and hanging at the sandbar we headed back out on the boat to catch the firework show, at the casino, from the water! I must say there is nothing like floating down river with a cocktail in hand, full moon overhead, watching fireworks, hanging with your fam!

Sunday was another great day! We took Tiff and Fab out wakeboarding which was hilarious to watch! I must say they both did amazing for never having done it before. Bothe Fab and Tiff got up on their first trys...of course being up didn't last long but it was still impressive! After we all had a good laugh and a lot of fun boarding we gave Grandpa a break and picked up all the kids. Our niece and nephew went out with all of us for some more floating and fun at the sandbar. Again, Kaelen had a blast, she absolutely loved having her cousins there to play with and the music blaring from the other boats was just what she needed to get her boogie on.

(Kaelen helping Daddy get the rope ready for boarding)

Here’s to another amazing weekend with my family

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