Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Merry Go Round

Another great, summer, weekend!

Saturday was the annual family picnic for MSWFT, this year it was held at Knott’s Berry Farm and with Kaelen at this fun exploring, wanna see everything, hate my stroller, dance to the music, age it was pretty eventful!! Of course she’s still just a little too bitty for most of the rides and it was a hot and humid 95 degrees so we didn’t stay too long.

After Knott’s it was off to the Bowman’s retirement party with the rents where we were able to ditch this little Miss and have some Mommy & Daddy time. After the sun gave us a break Knott’s turned out to be loads of fun! It’s been so long since Kyle and I got to be giggly little kids so it was nice! And the kicker of the whole day…going back to Mom & Poppa’s to hang with the rents and “Bash”…which is apparently Kaelen’s new name for Auntie M! Kyle and I always have a blast with Matt and Megan but I think this time was a little better do to the beer, booze, salsa and whipped cream!!!

Sunday was just as it should have been, a nice day resting by the pool, dinner with Grandma and Poppa and loads of laughs with the babe! My weekends with my daughter and my husband are all I look forward to, and when you throw in a few good friends, the most amazing family and tons of laughs, they couldn’t be any better!!!

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John and Mellanie said...

I LOVE her red...ish hair!