Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day '09

Fathers Day was awesome!! Our immediate and add-on family all got together at my parents house for brunch and mimosas. Mom made the yummiest breakfast yet and Poppa's bacon is always gone too fast! After the Daddy's opened their cards and gifts we all decided to get some sun by the pool!

This was Kaelen's first time in the pool so it was a little tricky. She had to get used to the water and her floaty car for quite a while before she actually liked it. Once she was comfy, she absolutly loved it!

Grandma and I were even able to get her to play a little without the car.
Can you see? I am not holding her at all, she was holding on for dear life...

Thank you Auntie M for taking these awesome pictures! We love you and we're thrilled we got to spend fathers day with you and Matty!
It turned out to be a very draining afternoon but loads of fun!

Happy Father's Day Hubby! You're an amazing Daddy! Our daughter adores you and we couldn't ask for anyone better!!

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