Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Beach Babe

Yesterday officially made Kaelen 15 months old! We spent the day with Becky in Carlsbad. The drive was poop but the day was great! Kaelen absolutely loves the water…which came as a bit of a surprise. Not so much because of the water but because of the waves. The first time we took her to the ocean she was NOT a fan!!! She did not like the noise, the sand or the fact that Daddy was running into the water that scared her so much. I must say that I love that this has changed, it’s a little scary cause she is fearless when it comes to water and she thinks she can just run right in, damn kids, but I can’t get enough of her smile or the giggles from the water running through her toes.

I, on the other hand, am not so much a fan of the beach…at least not any in CA. I hate sand being stuck everywhere, I hate saltwater, I don’t like waves and none of this seems to matter to Patri. Not that it should, but damn if I didn’t have sand everywhere from her wet little diaper butt sitting in the sand and then on me or wanting to eat it and then wipe it all over Mommy’s legs when it’s not yummy. Building sand castles with babies is super cute and something all parents enjoy doing with their babies, I’m sure, but the crap you have to clean after is poop.

Either way, yesterday was awesome, I would do it everyday if it’s what made my little girl happy. Daddy too, he couldn’t get enough of her in that icky salt water playing. They’re just too damn cute together and I couldn’t be happier that we all got to spend such a pretty day together!

Happy 15 month UnBirthday my Boogie! You’re getting too big, too fast, it’s fun and I totally love that you’re into everything and curious and oh my gosh SMART but slow down…I’m not ready for you to be a little big girl!

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