Monday, September 21, 2009

Growing Family!!

So, if you haven’t heard…we’re expecting!!!

Shocked?!?!?!? We were!

Obviously we know how it happens but didn’t really think it would happen sooooo soon! I guess we aren’t too far off schedule; we were planning on getting pregnant in January because I really wanted on October baby and I wanted Kaelen to be 2 ½ years older then her little sister or brother but apparently the Baby Jesus had other plans for us! We found out on 9-9-09 which must be lucky, right??? Well, either way we’re completely excited and can’t wait to go through this process again!

If my calculations are correct, I am 6 weeks, making my due date May 18th….yeah, I know, another May baby! We have impeccable timing I tell you!

Of course, Daddy, keeps referring to the little nugget as a boy and wants to know right away what we’re having. I can’t say one way or the other what kind of baby I want other then healthy!!! It was so much easier to hope for a boy or girl the first time because it only affected Kyle and I and now all I can think about is Kaelen and how awesome it would be to have a sister for her to be super close with or a little brother for her to protect and teach to be a good man. Either way I am thrilled that Kaelen gets a sibling and Kyle and I get to have a new baby!!!

I am so looking forward to growing another baby!! I loved being pregnant with Kaelen and can’t wait to do it all over again! I can’t wait to feel the hiccups or be kicked, I can’t wait to hear the heart beat and find out what we’re having, I can’t wait till be belly starts to show and Kaelen starts to realize there’s a baby inside! I am hoping for an easy pregnancy, again, but of course it’s not so much in my hands…short of the crappy morning sickness I got the first time it was a cake walk! I was not so much excited when I looked forward to 12 weeks and read the following…If this is your first pregnancy, your belly will be starting to swell right around now (the paunching out happens earlier in subsequent pregnancies), this is crap!!! I was HUGE with Kaelen!!! Let’s just hope I am the exception to the rule!!!

We’ll keep you posted!

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John and Mellanie said...

Yeah for babies! I'm super excited! Really though...super Duper excited! It's gonna be a fun few months!Four new babies coming soon! so far the count is 1 girl and 1 boy...can't wait to find out what u and Theresa are having! I am gonna have to start baby shower shopping soon! Love you guys! muah