Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day 2009

What an awesome Labor Day weekend!!! The weather was just right on Saturday to take Little Miss out on the boat without frying her. We got an early start and made it to and from the sandbar in just enough time to miss the crazy croud and get home to relax a little and keep Patri as close to on schedule as possible. Sunday morning Mom took us out for Breakfast for my birthday! It's been a while since she's been out on the boat with us so it was a real treat. Though it was totally rough on the water it was a gorgeous morning so it was well worth it.'s the stuff that melts my little heart. It's official!!! Kaelen Patri has her first boy crush. This is Nick, our friends son, he is most definitely the big brother type and adores Kaelen and boy oh boy does she loooove him. She has never taken to a boy like she does with Nicki and I know that she will forever adore him. He has so much fun with her and if he's anything like my cousin Raymond or Bobby he will always have a soft spot in my daughter little heart.
As much as it kills me, my Doodlebug is getting big and has a personality all her own!!!Monday we were supposed to go boating but we decided to make it an early day and get on the road...but not before Mommy got some quality play time in with Patri!!! I think Daddy was a little shocked to find out that this was all my doing :)

This is her best Kat Von D impression...Daddy, look at this please
Cheers to another great weekend with my amazing little family! Kaelen blows my mind these days! She is so big, so talkative, so interested in everything. She is a pill, she throws tantrums, she says no and she throws things. She gives kisses and hugs your neck when she is tired or wants to hold you. She knows how to say Up or Down or Please and Done. Her laugh and her giggle are absolutely contagious. She has 4 molars and is finally fitting into her 12-18 months outfits. She's my little person and I couldn't be an luckier!!!

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