Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Cousin!

Kyle and I took a mini vacay for our nieces birthday, we went to Parker to see our family and friends we missed so much. Kaelen got to spend some much needed time with her Grandma, Aunt and Uncle, Couzys and Greats! At 12 weeks, we took her out on the river for her 3rd time and she loved it, she is going to be swimming early and totally into the river just like her Mommy and Daddy...less the beads and sandbars of course ! :)This one is a little random but...this is like the only picture (pathetic right) of the three of us.

And this one is just too cute for words, and yes she really is this perfect. She barely cries and sleeps often. Hahaaaa, we are lucky after all.

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