Monday, September 8, 2008

A first time for everything

This weekend proved to be rather eventful! Friday Kaelen got cereal for the first time at Grandma's...which was great, but damn her for doing it when I wasn't there :)

...oh well, I followed right behind and gave her cereal the rest of the weekend. She hasn't quite got it down yet but she's ready!

I guess grandma is pretty spoiled...Patri also got her first sink bath at her house. Kyle and I were there for that one though so I don't feel so bad! This little girl loves the water, she'll be swimming in no time!
Yesterday was a very busy day for Miss Kaelen, She met her 'Nanna' she would like to be called (Mellanie's Momma) and Mel's sister Amanda, while they were over she was also visted by Babb's and Molishka whom we miss so much!NO NAP ALL DAY, well maybe a half hour but poor baby needed more sleep, and so did the momma! We're all doing great. Kyle and I are having so much fun in this time of firsts , we're all learning and having a great time doing it doing it!

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