Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Holy 3 Month Old Baby Batman!

As crazy as this sounds…I miss being pregnant. I miss feeling her in my tummy even. BUT! I want to wait till she is two before I do it all over again, so I will just have to wait and cherish every moment while she is still so little and dependent on the momma! Our baby girl is 3 months old today and I swear it happened in a blink of an eye. She’s growing so fast I wish I could just put it on pause and keep her the way she is for about a year. She is so fun, so alert and active. She has rolled over once, sucks on her hand constantly and drools more then any baby I’ve ever seen, and I LOVE HER! Kyle is staying at home with her for the time being while I am at work and I couldn't be more thirlled about it. I am well aware that I will have to put her in day care sooner or later but I am so happy that she is getting this time at home with her daddy, this time is priceless. I am jealous though! Kaelen with her favorite auntie (sorry my sisters), Holly Patri.
P to the S...This is a favorite fo sho!

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