Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1 Month 1 Week and 3 Days

Here we are at 6 weeks and I am ready for a nap! Although I do take one with her everyday I am in desperate need of a full nights sleep!! Kyle, lucky boy, sleeps through everything...including screaming babies. Not that he can do much seeing as how all she wants when she wakes up is to eat, I swear this girl would spend her entire day attached to mommies chesticles if I would let her.

She is growing and changing everyday and with as much time as I spend staring at her it is happening right before my eyes. And it's so exciting to watch and wonder what she will look like in a week. We have mini fashion shows and Momma's favorite...photo shoots!
So for our favorite part...SHOWERS! She loves them, we sing, we dance, she flys...plus it's way convenient just to bring her in with mommy. There have however been the occasional poopie on the walls...I die laughing, I am sure that to most that would be disgusting but I really find it hilarious and cute, her face...like what momma, Damn! if it isn't fun!

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